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10 Best RP Architectural Scale Model Service Providers

 sweet onion creations

These "10 Best" providers don't just offer rapid prototyped architectural scale models - they specialize in it.  If you know of another company that should be in this list, contact us

3D Ventures

Texas, USA
Basic packages start at $999
Money back guarantee
Quotes within 24 hours

ABC Imaging
Washington, D.C., USA Headquarters with branches across the U.S. and in London & Dubai
Main business is 2D printing and document management
Z Corp. & Stratasys Dimension 3D Printers
Alchemy Models
Arizona, USA
Z Corp. 3D Printers
Massachusetts, USA
Z Corp. Z510 3D Printer

LGM Model
Founded 1992
Colorado, USA
Offers concept models, sales models, and terrain models
Proprietary software CADspan translates 3D files into 3D printable files
Z Corp 3D Printers, laser cutting for traditional hand-built models, in-house CNC for large-scale terrain
PK Model
Founded 1991
Czech Republic
Make about 15 models a year
Internal lighting capability
Founded 2007
Georgia, USA
Sister company of QuickParts
Proprietary software QuickARC 3D converts Google Sketchup files into printable STL format
Stereolithography & Z Corp. 3D printers
RedEye ARC
Founded 2008
Minnesota, USA
Sister company of RedEye RPM; owned by RP system manufacturer Stratasys
"Interactive Models" have removeable roofs and other features
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology

Realization Group
Founded 1997
Florida & New York, USA
Offers renderings, animations, and models
Monochromatic & colored
Z Corp. printers
Sweet Onion Creations
Founded 2007
Montana, USA
Informative blog & videos
10% discount for LEED-certified projects
Z Corp. 3D printers

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