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North America

Arizona State University
Arizona, USA

Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling conducts FDM-based research.

Carnegie Mellon University
Pennsylvania, USA
The Shape Deposition Manufacturing Laboratory conducts research into Shape Deposition Manufacturing (SDM), a solid freeform fabrication process that combines material deposition with CNC milling material removal processes; partner with Stanford University's Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

Case Western Reserve University
Ohio, USA
Computer Aided Manufacturing of Laminated Engineering Materials (CAM-LEM) has developed a system where laminae are cut from sheet stock, robotically assembled, and fired to fuse the joints; also developing a unique 4-axis laser cutting system to cut sloped edges for improving surface finish.

Cornell University
New York, USA

Fab@Home is developing an open source fabrication machine that produces complete electromechanical devices.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia, USA
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute researches rapid tooling, product realization, and design for additive fabrication; strong industry partnerships.

Laurentian University
Ontario, Canada
LUMAL uses stereolithography to evaluate alternative ore extraction techniques.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts, USA
Three Dimensional Printing Laboratory studies various 3-D printing processes.

Medical University of South Carolina
South Carolina, USA
Bioprinting Research Center researches bioprinting.

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Wisconsin, USA

Rapid Prototyping Center conducts RP research and owns and operates 5 machines: SLA, SLS, LOM, FDM, 3-D Printing.

North Carolina State University
North Carolina, USA
NC State Rapid Prototyping Research Group is studying Electron Beam Melting (EBM): the development of new high performance materials, optimization of process parameters, and the design of metallic structures with engineered properties.

Purdue University
Indiana, USA
Birck Nanotechnology Center studies nanofabrication, including optical photolithography and electron-beam lithography.

Queen's University
Ontario, Canada
Manufacturing and Dynamic Systems Group is developing a process for laminating thin aluminum sheets.

Rutgers University
New Jersey, USA
Laboratory of Solid Freeform Fabrication of Advanced Ceramics is developing Fused Deposition of Ceramics.

Southern Methodist University
Texas, USA
Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing uses variable polarity gas tungsten arc welding (VPGTAW) to build axisymmetric parts of aluminum alloys.

Stanford University
California, USA
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory conducts energy and biology research; partners with Carnegie Mellon's Shape Deposition Laboratory.

The State University of New York at Buffalo
New York, USA
Virtual Reality Laboratory is working on reducing build time by using prefabricated inserts with solid freeform fabrication techniques.

University of Calgary
Alberta, Canada
Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology uses FDM and unconventional RP methods to specialize in the use of multiple power sources and multiple materials, including metals and ceramics.

University of California at Berkeley
California, USA
Berkeley Manufacturing Institute researches Internet-based rapid part design and fabrication.

University of California at San Diego
California, USA
Tele-Manufacturing Facility specializes in long distance Internet-based rapid prototyping.

University of California, Irvine
California, USA
Droplet Dynamics & Net-Form Manufacturing works on net-form manufacturing of aluminum components.

University of Connecticut
Connecticut, USA
Solid Freeform Fabrication Program studies the Selective Area Laser Deposition Process.

University of Dayton
Ohio, USA
University of Dayton Research Institute is researching Electron Beam Curing of Composites.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Illinois, USA
Colloidal Assembly Group researches Direct Ink Writing (DIW), where 3D structures are built through the deposition of polymer-based inks.

University of Louisville
Kentucky, USA
The Rapid Prototyping Center uses a Melt Flow Indexer to study the molecular properties of different materials.  Also study DMD and SLS.

University of Michigan
Michigan, USA
Center for Laser-Aided Intelligent Manufacturing concentrates in chemical vapor deposition, direct metal deposition.

University of Missouri - Rolla
Missouri, USA
Virtual Reality and Rapid Prototyping Lab studies Rapid Freeze Prototyping - a water deposition process.

University of Southern California
California, USA
Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies is developing technology to build a custom-designed house in a day.

University of Texas at Arlington
Texas, USA
Liquid Metal Jet Printing Lab is developing high speed, multiple print head jetting for metal.

University of Texas at Austin
Texas, USA
Laboratory for Freefrom Fabrication is researching a number of freeform fabrication advances.

University of Texas at El Paso
Texas, USA
W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation is developing techniques to manufacture multiple material parts, like bioactive tissue scaffolds & embedded 3-D electronic devices.

University of Waterloo
Ontario, Canada
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory uses laser solid freeform fabrication and laser-assisted maskless microdeposition to embed fiber grating sensors within metallic structures, develop a new RP technique to fabricate complex bone implants with controlled porosity, and use laser microdeposition to develop microscale cellular structures with zero or negative thermal expansion for use in communication technology.

Virginia Tech
Virginia, USA
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory is developing new processes and FDM materials, and improving system throughput and accuracy.

Washington State University
Washington, USA
Materials Research Group is working on porous nitinol for load bearing implants using rapid prototyping.


Cardiff University
Wales, United Kingdom
Manufacturing Engineering Centre is researching micro-manufacturing via nanoscale lithography.

De Montfort University
England, United Kingdom
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Group develops high-speed printing technology to try to increase fabrication speed 1,000 times.

Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands
Design, Engineering, and Production Department uses thick layers of extruded polystyrene foam (Free Form Thick Layered Object Manufacturing) for the production of large-size concept models.

Inspire and the Institute for Rapid Product Development team to study selective laser sintering and LaserCUSING (SLM) materials process and applications, process chains and combinations with traditional process. Offers M.Sc. and D.Sc. programs.

Lehrstuhl fuer Kunststofftechnik 
Lehrstuhl fuer Kunststofftechnik is working with new technologies of processing polymers, including new materials for SLS, SMS, & FDM.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Department of Mechanical Engineering researches stereolithography and selective laser sintering and melting.

Loughborough University
England, United Kingdom
Rapid Manufacturing Research Group works on rapid manufacturing process and materials development.

National Technical University of Athens
Mechanical Design & Control Systems Division of the School of Mechanical Engineering has studied rapid prototyping and tooling technologies for security locks, environmentally disintegratable packaging, and pump manufacturing.  Its lab provides reverse engineering, product development, and rapid prototyping using a LOM machine.

National University of Ireland - Galway
National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science uses RP to create orthopedic implants.

Norwegian University of Science & Technology
The Metalprinting Project is working to produce a more rapid, low cost metal printing process.

Technical University Munich
Department of Micro Technology and Medical Device Technology studies rapid prototyping for tissue engineering scaffolds.

The University of Leeds
England, United Kingdom
Design and Manufacture Research Group researches how SLS can be used to create polymer, metal, and ceramic components.

The University of Manchester
England, United Kingdom
Manufacturing and Laser Processing Group studies selective laser melting process for multiple material component manufacture, direct laser deposition using combined wire and powder feeding, and high efficiency powder usage and powder recycling in direct laser deposition.

Universitat Stuttgart
Institute for Metal Forming Technology researches applicability of plastic materials for rapid tooling in sheet metal forming.

University of Bath
England, United Kingdom
The Innovative Design & Manufacturing Research Centre develops the Replicating Rapid Prototyper Project (RepRap).

University of Birmingham
England, United Kingdom
Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Materials for High Performance Applications focuses on the fabrication of compositional graded materials for direct laser fabrication.

University of Cambridge
England, United Kingdom
Institute for Manufacturing is working to expand the process capabilities of Incremental Sheet Forming, a non-die process that uses an indenter for deformation.

University of Liverpool
England, United Kingdom
The Laser Group studies laser forming and laser cladding and direct fabrication.

University of Passau
Forwiss is developing a new technique for micro-stereolithography layer production and better laser beam mapping.

University of Patras
Laboratory for Manufacturing Sytems & Automation studies rapid manufacturing, focusing mainly on rapid tooling techniques and new materials.

University of Portsmouth
England, United Kingdom
Regional Centre for Manufacturing Industries has conducted more than 200 proof of concept rapid prototyping studies for industry.  Researches rapid manufacturing and the development of rapid composites.  Has SLA, FDM, 3DP, LOM, and Thermojet capability.

University of Sussex
England, United Kingdom
Bio Medical Modelling Unit concentrates on medical rapid prototyping.

University of Wolverhampton
England, United Kingdom
The Department of Engineering and Technology undertakes research and industrial work in the latest direct metal laser sintering techniques with a range of materials including titanium.  Offers short courses, masters courses, and research degrees. 

Asia & Australia

Samara State Technical University
Laboratory of Technological Lasers is finding new powder compositions for the SLS process.

The University of Queensland
Powder Metallurgy Science Group develops aluminum alloys for sintering and an aluminum rapid prototyping system.

The University of Tokyo
Design Engineering Laboratory develops stereolithography using positive direct-mask exposure.

Tsinghua University
Center for Laser Rapid Forming concentrates in laser processing of materials.

South America

Federal University of Santa Catarina
CIMJECT studies sterelithography techniques for rapid tooling, and chemical and mechanical behaviour of SLA photosensible resins.

State University of Campinas, Brazil
LAPAC researches rapid prototyping and digital fabrication for architecture and construction, working 3DPrinting, laser cutting, and CNC processes.



3D Systems University at York Technical College
South Carolina, USA
Trains 3D Systems customers

ASCAMM Technology Center
Postgraduate, online, & in-company training in product design & development, and processing and production technologies

Bemidji State University
Minnesota, USA
BS in Industrial Technology/Model Making

Irvine Valley College
California, USA
Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping class

Midlands Technical College
South Carolina, USA
Certificate in Rapid Prototyping

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Missouri, USA
Offers distance and continuing education graduate certificate in CAD/CAM & Rapid Product Realization

National University of Sciences and Technology
Islamabad, Pakistan
Research Centre for Modeling & Simulation launches a MS/PhD in modeling & simulation in October 2008

Saddleback College
California, USA
Medical & architecture.  Named first National Center for Rapid Prototyping by the National Science Foundation.

Sierra College Training & Development
California, USA
Rapid Prototyping class

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Michigan, USA
Associate and professional levels, Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Certificate Programs; only masters level program

Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology
South Carolina, USA
Training and support of 3D Systems equipment

Summer Engineering Academy at The University of Arizona
Arizona, USA
Summer program for high school students where they use computer aided design and rapid prototyping to design and build aerodynamic cars

Texas State Technical College
Texas, USA
AAS in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (CAD, prototyping, manufacturing)

The University of Warwick
England, United Kingdom
Full-time MSc in Digital Manufacturing Management

University of Derby
England, United Kingdom
Learning Through Work University Certificate of Achievement in Applications of Rapid Manufacturing



Carleton University
Ontario, Canada
Rapid Prototyping Lab engages in rapid prototyping in plaster and plastic

Central University of Technology, Free State
South Africa
Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing offers rapid prototyping

Clemson University
South Carolina, USA
Clemson Engineering Technologies Laboratory offers design, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, & rapid casting services

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute provides rapid prototyping using SLA & LOM, rapid tooling, and development of implants for biomedical applications

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Florida, USA
Stereolithography Lab

Flinders University

Flinders Medical Devices & Technologies uses a 3D Colour Printer

Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong
Rapid Prototyping Technology Centre provides rapid prototyping using SLA & FDM, reverse engineering, rapid tooling, and product development

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Computer Aided Design Laboratory offers rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and rapid tooling

James Madison University
Virginia, USA
CHPM Product Realization Laboratory provides product development services, rapid prototyping using SLS & 3DP, and rapid tooling.  Partner with Virginia Tech. 

Michigan State University
Michigan, USA
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory does FDM and 3-D Printing

Mississippi Polymer Institute
Mississippi, USA
Rapid Prototyping Lab

National Technical University of Athens
Rapid Prototyping & Tooling - Reverse Engineering Laboratory offers rapid prototyping, product design, rapid tooling, and reverse engineering

Penn State
Pennsylvania, USA
The Learning Factory produces SLA, FDM, LOM, and 3D Printing prototypes

PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy
Rapid Prototyping Centre offers SLS, SLA, & FDM prototypes, product design, and rapid tooling

Royal College of Art
England, United Kingdom
RapidformRCA utilizes SLA, FDM, 3D printing, Electron Beam Melting, and a CAD advice service

San Diego State University
California, USA
The Facility for Applied Manufacturing Enterprise operates stereolithography equipment

San Francisco Center for Applied Competitive Technology
California, USA
Rapid Prototyping Lab runs a FDM printer; offers workshops and training

South Dakota State University
South Dakota, USA
Great Plains Rapid Prototyping Consortium operates SLA and 3D printing equipment

State University of New York at Stony Brook
New York, USA

College of Engineering & Applied Sciences runs a FDM machine

Swinburne University of Technology

Centre for New Manufacturing uses a 3D printer

Tennessee Tech University
Tennessee, USA
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

Tufts University
Massachusetts, USA

Burstein Family Prototyping Facility utilizes 3-D Printing machines

University College London
England, United Kingdom
Medical Imaging Group offers Surgical Model Manufacturing Services using FDM

University of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan, Canada

Rapid Prototyping Shop

University of Cincinnati
Ohio, USA
The DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center runs 2 plaster printers, 2 laser cutters, resin printers, & 5-axis CNCs

University of Kentucky
Kentucky, USA
Center for Manufacturing operates SLA equipment

University of Manitoba
Manitoba, Canada
Concurrent Design Optimization Laboratory runs a SLA machine

University of Minnesota Duluth
Minnesota, USA

Northern Lights Technology Center

Universidad de Navarra - Tecnun School of Engineering
Rapid Prototyping Lab provides rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, and reverse engineering

University of Salford
England, United Kingdom
Commercial Enterprise Unit uses 3D Printing machines

University of Stellenbosch
South Africa
RPD Laboratory operates 3D printers

University of Strathclyde
Scotland, United Kingdom

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Facility provides FDM rapid prototyping, virtual prototyping, and reverse engineering

University of Wolverhampton
England, United Kingdom
Architecture and Product Design Prototyping Laboratory offers FDM rapid prototypinig

Vellore Institute of Technology
Technology Business Incubator supplies FDM rapid prototyping and product development

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