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Battle of the Cheap 3D Printers

Printer Fight!

Name V-Flash Desktop Modeler 125ci 3D Printer V-Flash – Superhero name trumps recycled BMW model name
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Desktop Factory
125ci – DF was founded by prolific Bill Gross and his Idealab.  3DS has more experience, but it lost $5M in 2007.
Availability  April 2008 3rd Quarter 2008? V-Flash – A product beats a prototype any day 
125ci – Duh
Nylon-aluminum-glass composite
125ci – More robust material
Max Build
7” x 9” x 8”
5” x 5” x 5”
V-Flash – Bigger is better
30” x 27” x 24” – 100 lbs
25” x 20” x 20” – 90 lbs
125ci – Smaller is better
Film Transfer Imaging
Halogen bulb melts plastic powder in .010 thick layers
V-Flash – SLA-like process should deliver better accuracy, resolution, and finish
Website 125ci – Less corporate, better graphics
 Overall 125ci – V-Flash builds a better part, but the 125ci’s cost is revolutionizing the industry.  And DF is promising a US$1,000 3D printer in 3 years.  Given the delays of the 125ci, don’t bet on it.  

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