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5 Hot Niches in the Field of RP

1. Education.  As the technology becomes more widespread, college and graduate level teachers - as well as corporate trainers - will be in high demand.  According to the 2006 Occupational Employment Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary engineering teachers earn an average of US$82,080.

2. Software Development.  Rapid prototyping systems are all computer numerically controlled.  Computer software engineers for applications earn an average of US$82,000.

3. Mechanical and Electrical R&D.  Responsible for the rapid prototyping system hardware.  Mechanical engineers earn an average of US$72,580; electrical engineers earn an average of US$78,900.

4. CAD jockey.  For creating new product CAD files, or modifying files to fix errors or ease rapid prototyping manufacturability.  Mechanical drafters earn an average of US$45,960.

5. RP System Operator.  At a small company, this position requires a versatile performer.  Material maintenance.  System setup and cleanup.  Part finishing.  System repair and maintenance.  Salary levels aren't tracked but figure about US$40,000.

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